How to build a casino website

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Do you want to start a casino website? A website that reviews online casinos, reviews slot machines and teaches people about how to maximize their chances of winning. If so, then you should read this article first. In this article, I will tell you what to expect, what not to expect and what to keep in mind if you want to start a casino website.

Why build a casino website

The main reason to build a casino website is that it can be extremely profitable to do so. Online casinos pay affiliates a percentage of the income they derive from the people the affiliate referred to the casino. The percentage paid to the affiliate can vary between different casinos. It can also vary depending on how many players the affiliate sends to the casino. The more new players the affiliate sends to the casino the higher percentage they receive. Some casinos offer their top affiliates between 40-50% of all revenue generated by the players they send to the casino. You will get a percentage on the lifetime revenue generated by the player. Not just a one time referral fee. This can quickly accumulate into large sums of money if you are able to refer a lot of active players.

There is no limit to how much money you can earn from referring gambler to online casino and there is no limit to how much you can earn from referring a single player. Referring a high roller can earn an affiliate tens of thousands of dollars.

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Why not to build a casino website?

The main reason why you should not build a casino website is that the field is extremely competitive and it is really hard to succeed, You are very likely to fail and never earn any money at all. You will have to compete with competitors that can spend millions of SEO and link acquisitions each year. It is almost impossible to enter this field today unless you are an experienced SEO or have very large resources at your disposal. If you are looking to build your first website or if you have limited resources then it is a lot better to build a website in a less competitive industry. The earning potential might be smaller but you are a lot more likely to succeed. In the end, you should focus on how much you are likely to earn, Not how much you can earn. You can earn millions in the online casino industry but you are very likely to end up earning nothing at all.

Another reason to avoid building a casino website is that a lot of people frown upon gambling and online gambling. Only you can decide whether this matter to you or not.

I do not recommend that you start a casino website. I recommend that you choose a less competitive topic instead.

What to think about when you are building a casino website?

If you decide to build a casino website then you will have to work very hard to have any chance of success. You will have to create a website that is better than those already online. You need to make sure that your website is hosted on a very good server, uses very good and well-optimized software, uses a well-designed theme with excellent UX and excellent content. You will also need to build hundreds or even thousands of high-quality links that points towards your website. If you are able to achieve all this then you will have a chance to become successful a few years down the line. It often takes 3-5 years before Google allows a new casino website to rank well. The industry is plagued by spam and Google holds sites back until they are sure that they are not a scam. It is very hard to break into this business without a dedicated theme that can work on the website.

If you want to start a casino website then it can be a very good idea to start a very niche website focusing on a narrow part of the industry. This will limit your upside but will increase your chance of success. Know that there are no low competition keywords in the casino industry. Even a narrow website will require a lot of work to succeed. But it is easier to build a better website than what is out there if you focus on a narrow topic. You can then use this more narrow website to fund future expansions.